Lance Corporal

Lance Corporal

I am the wife of a hero! First let me say how wonderful and touching these stories are that you post. I’m sure there are tons of them! My husband – Lance Corporal Duane Wood knew he was going to be drafted in 1969 so he enlisted because he wanted to be a Marine. His older brother’s wife was expecting their first child so my husband volunteered to go to Vietnam so his brother could come home. I know they don’t give medals for things like this but in our eyes he is a hero!
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  • Dan

    Thanks for pointing out his bravery and sacrifice. It is sometimes more than being under fire. Sometimes just making the right decision- like he did should be acknowledged.


    He exemplifies the Marine Corps tradition!

  • Charles Bryson

    He showed true heroism by protecting his family. Semper Fi MARINE.

  • bob lake

    From one Lance Corporal to another Lance Corporal Welcome Home Job Well Done Semper Fi

  • Shawn Kane

    Mrs. Woods, let L/Cpl Woods know that on this forum he is honored for his sacrifices. As someone who was on a float when my second child was born, I can tell you that all these years later (almost 30 now) it still bothers me that I wasn’t there for my wife and daughter. Thank you both for service to our country.

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