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LCpl Dusty Wood

LCpl Dusty Wood

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to thank y’all for your help in my purchase. I had ordered the University of MCRD San Diego and University of Quantico but you had run out. So when I called to find out about my order is when I was told that they had been sold out and the lady there. I think she said her name was Cindy said she would send me a coupon for two tshirts of my choice to replace my order. I thought this was very nice of her to be able to help me in that way. When I mentioned I had two other items I was thinking about purchasing this month, she asked me what they were and I told her it was the new drinking mug. The one that keeps drinks cold and also the see through USMC logo that could be put on a vehicle. I’ve done that now that it has arrived and I’m attaching a couple of photos for y’all to see. I’ll have to take one of me with my drink mug later and send it to y’all then.

My time in the Corps was spent between June 1968 and April 1975 in San Diego for boot. Quantico, VA for schooling as an armorer. Then to 29 Palms for a year until I was sent to Marine Barracks Rodman Canal Zone until 1970. Back to Quantico in 1971 to 1972 and finally back to California at MCAS El Toro until I was discharged honorably. I remember the day befor my discharge I was checking out of all the places on El Toro. When I got to sick bay I was sent to see the dentist. They examined my teeth and wanted me to come back the following week to have a tooth pulled. When I told them I was getting out the next day I was asked to be there at 0630 to have that tooth pulled. I said no problem. The day I was being discharged, I was standing in formation when this Major(I think) noticed my swollen jaw. He asked if I had been in a fight. I said, “No Sir! I just had a tooth pulled, Sir!. He started to laugh and when I started to laugh also, I found out I shouldn’t have done that cause it hurt like you know what. He then handed me my discharge papers and moved on. I know I’ll never forget my final day in the Corps because of that tooth pulling.

Anyway, I want to thank you again for your wonderful website and for your newsletters. I really enjoy reading them when they come in.

Semper Fi,
Carl Conkling
Sgt of Marines

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