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L/CPL While Still in Boot?

I’d like to respond to the making of L/cpl. In boot camp. I went to MCRD San Diego in July of l969 also. I shot high series, and I got Pfc. You were promoted to L/cpl. while at the rifle range, when at the rifle range we weren’t even Marines yet. The rifle range was just phase 2, the half way point. After the range we were sorta promoted, we were allowed to blouse our utility’s. That was a big deal. I guess P.I. might have been tougher but did you ever stand outside after chow, and stare straight ahead and see the airport, a ride out. I don’t care if you were a holiday Marine or a P.I. graduate, we are and will always be Marines.
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Stan Dickerson - April 3, 2020

LANCE KOOLIE OUTTA BOOT…CHESTY SAVE ME!!!…Sgt/0311/67-71/PI Plt-3044/ Charlie. Co 1/5 / SEMPER FI

Cpl B Allen Plt 194 October 64 - April 3, 2020

No L/Cpl’s out of boot camp in the 60’s. However, attended my grandsons MCRD Graduation in Oct 2012, three recruits made L/Cpl. out of a graduation of approx. 600 Marines. The Grandstands were packed with family & friends. Was a sight to behold. Not many at my graduation, everyone mingled around in front of the movie theater/church steps after ceremony.

Raymond Edwards - April 3, 2020

In 1972 I was a SDI at PISC in “A” Co 1st Bn. I had a former Army Viet Vet who had more ribbons (Silver Star also) than myself or the other two DI’s. Upon graduation from boot Camp he was promoted to L/Cpl. Boot Camp was only 8 weeks long then. He was not real outstanding in training, just a link in the chin, not a hook at either end. Raymond Edwards Sgt Maj USMC, 1966-1996 Retired, two time DI at PI.

Mark Jernigan - April 3, 2020

There were a couple of recruits who mentioned to me they we’re to receive a promotion to L/CPL upon graduation. When I asked how in the hell this was possible I was told by a couple of them that their promotion was based on the fact that they had some ROTC while in college, and one other recruit had recruited enough other people to qualify. It wasn’t long after this were told in the classroom by our Platoon commander that he did not believe in promoting anyone to L/CPL out of boot camp, and assured all of them that only recruits whom he and the other Drill Instructors felt rated it would be promoted to PFC. And that is exactly what happened, all of these recruits were carefully watched, and they documented their screw ups so they could get around the contract promises of promotion. While in Radio School across the grinder from recruit training, I had the misfortune of being assigned to a class which had a Marine who was promoted to L/CPL, and assigned responsibilities which went with the rank. He was grossly unqualified to hold the billet, and was a total pain in the backside to deal with.

Robert Graham - April 3, 2020

I don’t believe he was in the same USMC I was in!

Hammer - April 3, 2020

I recall a prior Army service NCO coming out of boot camp as L /CPL. We called him grandpa during our time at PI.

Joseph P Carey, Corporal E-4, Honorable Discharge/ wounds, Awards: BSM/V, PHM/ Star, MCGCM, PUC/ star, VSM/ 4 stars - April 3, 2020

I am sorry, but from what I remember of Boot Camp at PI (Plt 132, 1964) there were PFC’s promoted from the Platoon, but only on the last day of graduation, and I never saw, or heard of, a promotion of Lance Corporal in the second phase of training. Truthfully, I would have to ask how it was anyone could be promoted (Sort of, as is said) to Lance Corporal while in Boot Camp before receiving his EGA upon graduation, or even time in grade, while not being a Marine. No, I say there is a scam here…

Bulldogman - April 3, 2020

Must have been 1 stripe with crossed lips!

dannygunsix - April 3, 2020

NO LCPL out of boot camp! PFC to a chosen few who shot Expert with the M14 out at Edson Range. They never discussed who made what in boot camp anyway. Remember, time in grade determines when to be promoted, but not always. I made PFC in ITR. Most of us did. In Vietnam, eight months in country the Marines in my section finally received LCPL. 0811 was difficult to advance in because we need just one SGT for our section chief. I was ammo Corporal in name only. I counted ammo and fuzes amounts daily and a PFC at that.No big deal as someone needs to do this. We shot a lot of 105mm ammo and broke out fresh rounds on a daily basis. Some MOS groups promoted quickly, like Supply.Marines rotated and they need a Supply SGT. so that position always saw fast promotion in country.

joseph f colbert Sgt. USMC 1956 to 1966 - April 3, 2020

Boot camp MCRD San Diego, Dec. 56 to Mar. 57, Only one recruit was promoted to PFC, No L/Cpl rank at that time, No one made Cpl E3 out of our platoon. I made PFC after ITR

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