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Letter from KB in Chicago

Letter from KB in Chicago

Dear Sgt Grit,
I would like to thank KB for his help that day on the tour. My son is the young Marine from 2/3 and his name is Lcpl Matthew Bradford. He is a very courageous young man and I am very proud of him. He has overcome some tremendous obstacles and is still going strong. He is a true Marine and is very proud of his brothers. He is hoping to stay in the Corp and work with the wounded Marines and their families at the hospitals. He also wants to do some public speaking. He has a lot of heart and soul. As you can see, he has his legs and is walking whenever he can. He is currently at the Hines VA Hospital at the Center for the Blind. He has learned so many things so that he can be independent once again. I know that he will achieve whatever goals he sets for himself. I know that Matt can help others with whatever injury they have because he is such an inspiration. He has helped me thru all of this just by not giving up on himself. This is just a sidestep for Matt to take and then he will be able to go forward for the rest of his life.

Thank You
Debbie Bradford
PMM Mom LCPL Bradford

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