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License plate art

License plate art

Dear Sgt. Grit:

Holy cow! Last night I had the weirdest dream.

Chesty Puller was sitting on a leather sofa, as big as life, puffing on a Cuban cigar and reading a copy of your catalog.

All of a sudden, he leapt out of his chair and said, ?%%&&*****!!@@######!!?

I asked him what was wrong, and he bellowed:

?Don?t you see!? Look on page 32. This license plate ? item # LM02 ? What the %%##****&&@@?!!! They don?t have it in black with a silver eagle, globe, and anchor!?

I stepped forward and he thrust the catalog into my trembling hands.

?SEE?! They only have it in red and gold. That is for pussies. If I want it, Sgt. Grit needs to have it!?

I promised him that I would bring this to your attention, and he slowly faded into the leather of the sofa and disappeared.

As you can well imagine, this was quite a traumatic experience, and one that I would not care to repeat. He made it quite clear that what he wants is a license plate with:
1. A black background, and
2. The eagle, globe, and anchor, and in silver.

Is there any chance you might be able to locate such an item in the near future? I fear that I?ll need to have an answer soon.

Thank you for your consideration ?
Cheri Y.

Cheri and All – This product is now available to order: call toll free 888-NOV-1775 (888-668-1775)

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LJ Litchendorf - March 12, 2021

I’ve been looking for a VMA231 ace of spades license plate do you think they will ever be available?

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