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Looking for old friends

Looking for old friends

Over the years I have attempted to locate old comrades from Viet Nam with little luck. Maybe they don’t recognize the name well here’s an old photo (Photo #1) to go along with it. My name is Richard Alajajian, nick name given me in Viet Nam was “AJ” and it has stuck all these years. I was with H&Sco, 3Bn/26Marines from Feb 69 to Feb 70. Of course I don’t look the same now (photo #2) as I did then but who does. To jog memories I was at An Hoa, Hill 55, RC BaNa, Red Beach and a few others that escape the memory at this time. I also stayed on to retire in 1990. So if anyone out there recognizes the photo or name email me at Hope to hear from someone soon.

Semper Fi

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