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Marine Aviation?

Marine Aviation?

Why don’t i read any stories about Marine Aviation. I went to Jacksonville Fla. for aviation fundamentals 1957 then to Memphis Tenn. for helicopter maintenance school spent 4 years fixing & flying in those recip helicopters remember doing auto rotations & when pilot pulled up on the collective I would bend over & kiss my — goodbye in the hope we would pull out of the auto rotation loved working & flying around on the helicopters it gave me experience that i spent 30+years as a licensed airline mechanic @ SFO went to school after i was discharged March 1962 for my federal A & P License. My biggest disappointment with the USMC is when i went from Corporal E3 to Corporal E4 instead of Sargent E4 but my discharge papers said i was recommended for promotion to Sargent E5. Missed Vietnam couldn’t believe my squadron went over there in those decrepit recip helicopters HMR 462 before that HMR 163 “cheap Opama [Japan] Marines” Semper Fi troops keep them flying!
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R M Dinwiddie(SGT - May 1, 2020

RM Dinwiddie(69-73)Aftr Boot,MCRDSD-AE”A” school Jax Fl; ThenHMHT301 when it was still @LTA Santa Ana; Then 462 @Futema,TAD to 31st MEW off the USS Tripoli; NATOPS crew chief /gunner even tho I was 6242-Avionics Electrician;BUT I LOVED the 53’s!! Sorry I got out B4 the 53 SuperStallion came into play;but my last duty station was NAS South Weymouth Mass,working on A4 Skyhawks.Loved every minute of it. Went to Hawaii 2x and finally talked my wife into a Helicopter tour She about s–t as these were small choppers But I still love the rush!! Semper Fi SGT USMC (2219704)

Jorgy - May 1, 2020

Spent some fun, and hard, filled times with HMH-363, the Red Lions (Dropped the Lucky part of Red Lions and changed it to Mighty after a few mishaps). Did a couple of pumps (UDPs) to Okinawa; 89, 90, 91. Will always love CH-53s, but miss the Marines most. Semper Fi.

Larry Determan - May 1, 2020

Were you on the princton lph5 back in the early 60s

Rick - May 1, 2020

I’ve Read a few Post on Marine Aviation Units on Sgt.Grit… I spent Most of my time in the 3rd Maw Out of Tustin Ca. with CH-53 Squadrons HMHT-301 and HMH-363… I AgreeThose AUTO-ROTATIONS were Hard to get Use TOO…I Also Spent some time in the 1st Maw VMFA-115 Out of Danang Airbase 70/71

william uicker - May 1, 2020

Marine air Base Squadron 24 MCAS Cherry Point N.C. 1955-1959, I can not find a single thing about this anywhere, not a decal or a patch or pin even a mention about the unit I was attached to for 4 years. i made Sgt. in 22 months, all meritorious promotions, and was offered $1500 and a rocker to staff Sgt. to stay for 4 more. I had a good job waiting at home, and was discharged march 10 1959 as a coporal E-4 not a Sgt. E-4 I served as for 26 months. Not happy about that. Proud Sgt.USMC Semper Fi.

Harry - May 1, 2020

I don’t know how long you have been reading “The Grit” but, there have been many post on Marine Aviation.Just search the archives under “MAW” Semper Fi Harry

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