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Marine Cadence

Marine Cadence

“Gonna run all day ’till the running’s done!”

Comment below your Favorite Cadence or your most heard one.

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Crazy Joe - March 26, 2020

Here’s a story of 5 wise men, as wise as can be.
they created the creation we call p*$$y.
1st came butcher sharp with wit and with his butcher knife he gave it a slit
Then came a carpenter short and stout… with red velvet he lined it throughout
Then came a fishermen smelly as hell, he threw in a carp and it gave it the smell
Then came preacher wise as can be, he blessed it, he touched it , he said it could pee
Then came a hard charging motivated grunt…he f***ed it…he sucked it….he called it c**t..

L/cpl Henry Young - March 26, 2020

I went to boot camp in San Diego Feb.1964. Navy boot camp was on the other side of the fence. When we ran the perimeter, we would sing” hold your nose and lift your head, we are running past the dead”. Semper Fi.

‘Stoney’ Brook - March 26, 2020

I grew up in Texas with my grandfather, a retired Army MSGT. He joined the Marines in 1909, then switched to the Army Cavalry in 1913. He chased Pancho Villa with Pershing (1916-170, then went to France for WWI. After the Great War, he got smart and switched to the Air Corps and retired in 1939.

In the early ’50s, he’d take me to Kelly Field (San Antonio) to watch the black troops drill. That was beautiful to see and hear! Those men marched with rhythm, style and class! No white troops could make close order drill look like choreography; rifles slapped in unison (CRACK!) when performing the ‘Marching Manual of Arms’ or 60 boots on the deck with one loud ‘Pop!’ And the Drill Sergeant sang the Jody calls, with a magnificent baritone that carried across the parade field. I have never seen or heard anything like it since, not even our beloved Silent Drill Team.

‘Stoney’ Brook - March 26, 2020

Here’s a few learned at the side of a grizzled old Gunny:

The sergeant,
The sergeant
The bastard of them all
He wakes you up in the morning
Before the bugle call
Squad Left
Squad Right
About face on the line
Then the dirty son of a b***h
Gives ya double-time!
Oh, Hidey-Tidey
Christ all Mighty
Who in the Hell are we?
God d**n!
The Fightin’ 12th Marines!

Quarter in the drink machine
Quarter in the drink machine
Down the hatch and never stop
Gonna drink until I drop
Honey, oh baby, mine

Look around,
Look around
For I’m headin’ for the Happy Huntin’ Ground
Eleven women to each guy
What a lovely way to die
Honey, oh baby, mine

Lift your eyes
and lift ’em high
11th Marines are passin’ by!
Sound off!
One – two
Sound off!
Three – four
Cadence Count !
One – Two
Three – Four!
Lean back
Six the front
Three to the rear
Lean back and strut!
Your left,
Your right,
Your left

Get it together, girls
You march like old people make love:
Slow and uncertain!
I wanna hear just one boot hittin’ the ground!
Yo Left!
Yo Right!
Your mother was there when you Left
You’re Right!
Your daddy was there when you Left
You’re Right!
Jody was there when you Left
You’re Right
Mamma’s in the kitchen
Papa’s in the Jail
Your sister’s on the corner
Yelling “short time for sale”
Singing ‘Hey bob-a-ree-bop’
Hey-hey -bob-a-ree-bop
Does your Daddy KNOW?

Quit bobbin’ in the ranks!
You people make Hogan’s Goat look like a precision instrument!

[to tune of ‘Cassions Go Rolling Along’]
Give a cheer for the boys who drink the beer
In the cellar of old Alpha Battery
For it’s Hi-Hi-Hee
In the Field Artillery
Shout out your orders loud and strong
We’ll be sprawled out on the floor
When the (M)P’s kick down the door
And those beer kegs go rolling along

David Keller - March 26, 2020

We called those rhymes “Jodies.” BUT the cadence from Ssgt Parshell was a sing-song cadence. When I watch Full Metal Jacket I have flash backs (in a good way). I call people and “make” them watch. Of course, they never quite get it. The best way I can describe it is “hidel lef right left hidel lef”. I can’t believe it, but almost 50 years later, it still makes me smile.

Fidel Lominchar - March 26, 2020

I don’t know but I’ve been told, colonel’s balls are made of gold.

Paul Sparkman - March 26, 2020

I gotta girl named Buffalo Bill, she won’t do it , but her buffalo will, Sound Off

Reginald High - March 26, 2020

Stand up, Hook up shuffle to the door, jump right out and shout Marine Corp

Cpl. Luke. - March 26, 2020

Ain’t no use in looking down….
There ain’t no six pack on the ground…..

Ain’t no use in looking baaaack……
Jody’s took your cadillac………

I don’t know but I believe……
I’ll be home by christmas eve….

I got a girl name CindyLou…..
CindyLou, loves to PT too…….

PLT. 3000 Paris Island Nov. 1970….Wertz, Chipman, Butler….
And I must be nuts to remember this. Yikes!!

Eric Gagomiros - March 26, 2020

I know a girl from new orleans, kisses sailors after blowing Marines

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