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Marine Corps Birthday Cake Cutting Script

Cake Cutting Script

The following are three separate and slightly different cake cutting scripts. There does not appear to be a set-in-stone script.

Script Example #1

It is customary at Marine Corps birthday celebrations worldwide to cut a traditional cake in celebration of the birth of our illustrious Corps.

The first piece of cake is given to our guest of honor,…………..
The second to the oldest Marine present……………,he was born on………….. and enlisted in the Marine Corps on……………….

Upon receiving the second piece of cake, the oldest Marine will in turn pass it on to………………signifying the passing of experience and knowledge from the old to the young of our Corps. …………..will then receive the third piece of cake further emphasizing the fact that we care for our young Marines before we look to our own needs. (Pause) and so it must be.

Script Example #2

The Marine Corp?s birthday cake-cutting ceremony is important to all Marines, as it is an annual renewal of each Marine?s commitment to the Corps . . . and the Corps? commitment to our nations quest for peace and freedom worldwide.

The birthday cake is traditionally cut with the Mameluke sword, as a reminder that we are a band of warriors, committed to carrying the sword, so that our nation may live in peace. The Mameluke sword gets its name from the cross hilt and ivory grip design, similar to swords used for centuries by Ottoman warriors. The Marine Corps tradition of carrying this sword dates from Lieutenant Presley O?Bannon?s assault of Derna, Tripoli, in 1805, where he is said to have won the sword of the governor of the city.


As is our custom, the first piece of cake will be presented to our guest of honor.

By tradition, the second piece of cake is presented to the oldest Marine present. Ladies and Gentlemen…..the oldest Marine present is …………….
…………………… was born………….in……………..

The third piece of cake is presented to the youngest Marine present. Ladies and Gentlemen . . . The youngest Marine present is …………………… was born……………in……………….

Script Example #3

Traditionally ? Regardless of location ? Marines pause to observe our birthday by sharing a cake and usually, a holiday meal. A sword is used to cut the cake as a reminder that we are a band of warriors, committed to carrying the sword, so that our nation may live in peace.

The first piece of cake is presented to the Guest of Honor. The second piece is presented to the oldest Marine in the command, signifying the honor and respect accorded to experience and seniority. The oldest Marine this evening is , who was born on .

Symbolically, the eldest Marine present passes a piece of cake to the youngest Marine present, just as for years our experienced Marines have nurtured and led young Marines that will fill our ranks and renew our Corps. The youngest Marine present this evening is , who was born .

A simple ceremony, but many Marines will get something in their eye when this takes place…and a feeling in their chest that is difficult to describe or to explain.

This ceremony will take place in combat zones, on ship and bases all around the world, thereby revealing our unity as Marines to all who attend. We are one, you see. Brothers and Sisters who happen to wear a uniform, or who happen to have worn a uniform with a symbol, a symbol of fear and of hope to others, a symbol of strength and fighting spirit, a symbol of unity among brethren, a symbol of patriotism, of freedom and a symbol that if we never give up, never say quit, that all before us can be overcome. A symbol of liberty. That symbol is the Eagle, Globe and Anchor that we as Marines earned the hard way. A symbol that has no meaning without the hearts and souls of those behind it who gave to us many, many decades ago, and who dared us to pick it up and take up the challenge they offered. Keep America free.

I suppose that’s enough fer now, but I could write a book about this topic alone concerning the Marine Corps. …and we’re just visitin’ over coffee is all.

Warm up yer coffee, folks! It’s a good day to be alive! We’re United States Marines, and nothing, and I do mean nothing can stand before us!

It’s another chance to get ‘er right! It’s another opportunity to get ‘er right! Make damn sure ya take advantage of it!

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