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Marine Jeep

Marine Jeep

I bought this 1977 CJ-5 5 years ago. A friend and I were in the Army/Navy store trying on wool clothing when as we went to leave and hadn?t purchased anything it occurred to me that we should. Beside the cash register was a rack with sticker bullet holes 6 for $1.49. Bingo I grabbed them and out we went. He asked what I was going to do with them and I told him the jeep had a crinkled fender and these would be way cheaper and easier than fixing it. About a week later we invaded Iraq.

On the way to work I heard about a peace protest at the college so I pulled into my friendly Marine Corps recruiter and asked for some stickers. Behold the birth of my Marine Jeep.

My dad: William M Beatty served and was wounded on Iwo, March 7, 1945. (my birthday March 7, 1949)
Myself: William T Beatty served in Vietnam, 1967-1970.
My son: William J Beatty served 1987-1991.

We were all Cpl?s and 18 when we entered the Corps. It is proudly dedicated to all who have served and sacrificed for the freedoms we all hold so dear. Semper Fi.

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