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Marine of the Week // He was a combat photographer

Marine of the Week // He was a combat photographer Admin |

Cpl. William T. Perkins, Jr.
Company “C”, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division
Republic of Vietnam
October 12, 1967
Award: Medal of Honor

During Operation MEDINA, a major reconnaissance in force, southwest of Quang Tri, Company C made heavy combat contact with a numerically superior North Vietnamese Army Force estimated at from two to three companies. The focal point of the intense fighting was a helicopter landing zone which was also serving as the Command Post of Company C. In the course of a strong hostile attack,an enemy grenade landed in the immediate area occupied by Corporal Perkins and three other Marines. Realizing the inherent danger, he shouted the warning, “Incoming Grenade” to his fellow Marines, and in a valiant act of heroism, hurled himself upon the grenade absorbing the impact of the explosion with his own body thereby saving the lives of his comrades at the cost of his own. Through his exceptional courage and inspiring valor in the face of certain death, Corporal Perkins reflected great credit upon himself and the Marine Corps and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.


It was my privilege to have Cpl. Tim Perkins work with me in the 3r.MarDiv Photo Lab. The finest, most humble hard working fast learning Marine I have ever known. I had the unfortunate duty to assign him the deployment he sacrificed his life on, and the sad duty of positively identifying his remains. Had Tim survived Vietnam, there is no doubt in my mind he would have risen to the pinnacle of leadership, either in the Corps or civilian life.

Herbert Shaw MSgt. USMC Ret.,

Bill…..when did you go to photo school. I went to basic military journalism school at Ft. Ben Harrison in march of 1967. Saw your name and it sounded familiar . Went to Fleet Home Town News Center at Great Lakes and then to Nam wit the 1st MAW. Was up in Quang Tri and then down at Marble Mounmtain. Back to states and finished my last year as editor of the Quantico Sentry. Look forward to hearing from you.

Michael “Mike” Frank,

I went to photo school with Bill. He was assigned to 3rd Mar Div I was sent to the 1st. All the time I knew him he was very quiet.he never went to the club or on liberty with any of us, just a really nice guy. I am proud to have known him. It’s like the quote ” were you a hero in the war no but I knew one”. Bill was one I knew.

Bill Tuor,

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