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Marine Poem

"What Is A Marine"
By: Jessica Torres

What is a marine people ask
It is a special person with a life long task
A person who goes through days and nites of training
No matter if the sun is shining or if its raining
This person works to earn a special name
From the time they join they know life won't be the same
They face alot of things alone
While the ones they love are back at home
They come home then they are gone
Sometimes for awhile, sometimes not so long
They are put in places to fight for our country
Their lives are on the line for us to live free
They are some of many heroes in this world
Whether they are men, women, boys or girls
It takes a special person to make the decision
To fufill the duty and take on this special mission
This person has honor, courage, respect, dignity, and pride
Its a new life, almost like they put theirs aside

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