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Meeting John Wayne in 1965 Admin |

I served with Maintenance Co. 3rd Service Bn. I saw John Wayne there in 1965. He stopped to talk with us there. He was riding in a Jeep with two MPs in the back. Mr. Wayne stood up from his seat and told all of us we were all doing a great job and to get back home safe. He stood there in that jeep and he looked so tall. Our Hero.


One of the myths about “The Duke ” was that he was a Marine and served during WW-2. He actually received a 2-a deferment. His bosses at the studio wrote a letter to the draft board stating he could serve better promoting the war effort here.

Harry 1371,

Not sure where maintenance company 3rd Bn was in 1965, but I joined the Corps in Feb 1966 and any reference to John Wayne when I was in, was usually a joke, far from any hero. Bet he didn’t look so tall (standing in his jeep) to the guys in 3rd tanks. Clint Eastwood is our era hero. He made the Marine Corps what it is today, in the publics eye. He is probably the most popular Marine, and his sayings and actions will long be remembered. To bad it was all Hollywood. This will get some action on the site don’t you think, Harry? Murray 1371

Murray Hermanson,

John Wayne made some great movies and all but why is he your “hero” ? Just curious.

Harry 1371,

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