Memorial Day And Rolling Thunder 2016

Memorial Day And Rolling Thunder 2016

I visited the National Museum of the Marine Corps this year. I just stopped and stared for a few minutes… Amazed at this Beautiful sight… the closer I got the more tears I had. I could have turned around right then after these photos and walked out being totally at Peace with the Museum.
























I hope that all Marine Nam Grunts and brothers take away at least 1/2 the Memories I experienced that day.

Semper Fi Brother Grunts
John Voracek
Nam ’65/’66

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  • Dale Houghton, Sgt.

    Fellow Marines, past and present. This UH-34D helicopter was rebuilt by members of HMM-361 and other Volunteers in a barn in a town in Long Island back in early 2000’s. A brain child and a dream of Al Weiss. Check out their website. I had the great opportunity to spend a week in 2005 and 2006 with Al and his crew working on YN-19, helping to restore it. It brought back a lot of memories. I was a Crew Chief / Door Gunner on YN-10 back in 65/66 in Ke Ha and Chu Li. We took a lot of good Marines out to the Bush and brought back as many as we could any chance we got. Wouldn’t have traded any of this experience for anything else I could have done. Semper Fi to ALL Marines.

  • albert (Mike ) Hill

    I was in golf 2/9 in 1969 in Vietnam and I felt the same thing in the in the Vietnam exhibit, welcome home brother !

  • Glen Bradshaw

    I hope all visitors to the Marine Corps Museum that see the above pictures and the helicopter display know that the faces you see on the men getting out of the chopper, the crew chief/machine gunner & pilots were actually the “faces of real Marines” that served in what you are seeing displayed…extremely proud of our brothers. SEMPER FI !!

  • Dan Bogart

    Gentleman, Thank you for sharing your stories, and keeping future Marines like myself (’97-’02) extremely proud of our Brave, Warrior Tradition. SEMPER FIDELIS.

  • michael p hershey

    I was a crew chief on UH-34, HMM 263 during my tour 66-67. Nearly 2,000 hours flight time. On my first visit to the museum only the CH-19 was displayed, and it broke my heart. I was in Viet Nam before I turned 18 and still consider that to be the best year of my life. I enlisted, and I wanted to be there. Where else can a farm boy strap a .45 on his hip, man a machine gun, and go flying every day. It got me off the farm, away from my parents, and out of Halifax, Pa. I’m going back to the museum, and I expect to be impressed. M P Hershey Semper Fi.

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