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Mike’s Home

Dear Sgt Grit,

While serving as a Corpsman with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines in Vietnam (1969) we got into an altercation near Hill 1154 near LZ Argonne. Some time during that period I souvienered a NVA/Chinese battle dressing. I told my Marines that I carried around 50 battle dressings in my gear for them, this one was for me if I needed it. I wore it on my helmet the rest of my tour and never needed it.

Thirty-six years later I have a Marine step-son who is about to deploy with his air group to Afganistan. I pulled out the NVA battle dressing, autographed it as to when and where and who carried it and gave it to him to carry " for luck". He returned safely and autographed the battle dressing and it went back on the display shelf. In 2006 his group deployed to Iraq. The attached is a photo of "Sgt. Mike" (he is still on active duty) returning the battle dressing after it's third tour of duty.
I pray it doesn't make a 4th tour.

Jack (doc) Broz
Alpha 1/4 1969

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