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Mike’s Wedding

Sgt Grit,

Had to send you some Wedding shot’s of my son Cpl Michael Sebastian part of the 325 Weapons unit, Akron Ohio (part of the 325 out of Brook Park, OH). This was a special day as he and the Marines in the 325 are gearing up for what looks to be a trip to Afghanistan in August or September.
Sword Detail Mike, Terine and Grandpa This was a toast to all veterans and those wh served, Grandpa stole this one The Groomsmen and Best Men Mike & Grandpa Mike and Terine
Please note (third photo) this was the second toast to all veterans of all branches and all who served and my dad, Mike’s grandpa who is a WWII pacific Marine veteran, Hats were off to grandpa here. The first toast was the Marines of the 325 and I have to say they are brothers and will be fine! If you look close in their hands you will see the Sgt Grit shot glasses we bought last week for this special toast so that all will have something from their wedding day. As always, supper service and support from Sgt Grit and company! I know where to go when it has to be Marines!

Dave Sebastian
Proud Marine Corps Dad

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