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My Baby, My Son, My Marine

My Baby, My Son, My Marine
Tommy John

It all started in such a hurry
When you arrived 6 weeks early
On 91186
You thought you’d enter just for kicks

You were always full of fire
That made a mother tire
The one a little crazy
To make my days so hazy

The one so independent
And always a defendant
You never set a schedule
Cause you’re such an individual

From the time you left
It feels like a theft
You’ve always showed your true colors
And now your with the others

Red, White, and Blue
An American true
You’ve seen the light
And now, a Devil Dog in site

With Honor, Courage, and Commitment to all
You’ll never surrender to the fall
Knowing how high you can fly
You’ll forever be, Semper Fi

I pray for you day and night
So God will keep you safe in the fight
You fight to let our freedom ring
I know the Angels will start to sing

I know you’re the best that you can be
And if the time comes, God wants you or me
I’ll forever be so proud of you
You’ll forever be my 3rd True Blue
My Baby, My Son, My Marine

I Love You Tommy John
Love Mom

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