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My Dream

I have a little story that I have sent out over the last few years. The E-Mail starts with a picture of me as a recruit, then a picture of a veteran leaning against the wall which is called Wait For Me. The story goes:

M.S.Sgt. as a recruit and Wait For Me painting of veteran leaning against the wall.

There is a dream I have from time to time. I am walking over a small hill and there are shadows all around me. I see The Wall where all my friends are. There are lots of tears on this day. I turn and walk away. Then another day I walk over the small hill, and I can see all my friends in The Wall: Randy, Spanky, Jim, John, Jeff, Willie, Gunny Acton, Ski, and Doc. They all say, "C'mon Turk, the plt. is waiting, Saddle up and move out!" As I move into The Wall to join them there are no tears on this Day.

~Wears. M.S. Sgt. USMC

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