My Story about Jumping into Foxholes

The date was Feb 67. I was on my way back after a 30 day free leave for extending 6 months. Flew in to DaNang with a E-7 sitting next to me asking a billion questions. Now at that time transit was in hardbacks near the airfield, no Hilton yet. It is night and I am BSing with a team from 26 Marines. They there for rabies shots. All the sudden we hear a “freight trains” going over our heads. Then loud explosions on other side of airfield. Well this same E-7 runs in yelling about getting into the trenches. So being good Marines we get up go out and proceed to watch the FNG’s jump into a trench 1/2 full of water and mudd. We did not say a thing, just walked back to the hootch a went to sleep. Funny, never saw that Gunny agian. Semper Fi
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  • Harry

    Had a somewhat similar experience only it was on the night before I left, 22-Apr-69, . Sitting talking with a few guys when the sirens sounded most of us knew the rockets were headed for the airbase so we did not get to excited about it , however we did get into the bunkers that were along side the transit barracks,all except one guy that stood in the middle of the road shouting “You had a whole year to kill me you ain’t gettin me now you rat bastards” Some one convinced him to get into the bunker. When it was over we cracked open the 151 that we were saving for the plane . Thanks for the memory Harry 1371 “Fire in the Hole” Semper Fi!

  • Sgt Clark – VN 66-67

    The bunkers in DaNang seemed to always have water in them…especially during monsoons…LOL

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