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My Summarized Story

I was born and raised in Manila, at the age of 20 I immigrated to the United States. Seeking a future and to better myself, I decided to enlist in the U. S. Marines, and was placed in the Delayed Entry Program (under Combat Arms Options). I stepped out of the bus on December 24, of 1990. Completed Bootcamp and ended up with 3rd Combat Engineers in Okinawa for a year. Spent the last 3 years in Camp Lejeune and participated on a Medetteranian deployment with 24MEU-SOC, where we did an operation in MOGADISHU, Somalia. At that time, enlistment in the U. S. Military does not automatically grants American Citizenship through a Naturalization process with the Immigration Department. I failed my first interview due to not knowing the Senator’s in my state. I’m now a naturalized citizen and retired from Civilian Federal Service. It is truly an honor and a life accomplishment to be able to earn the title, as well as serving the country as a way to show my allegiance and appreciation to the United States in giving me the opportunity to become a better person, citizen and a new path towards a new life. I am old now, and have many ailments but I feel that I had accomplished something great that I consider an exclamation mark in my life and will finish strong.
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Rudy - May 22, 2020

Semper Fidelis, Marine. God bless you, my fellow American.

Ed Barewich - May 22, 2020

Talk about honor, courage, commitment. You believed in the Corps, you believed in America and you certainly believed in yourself. Semper Fi, Marine and fellow American.

Greg Furey - May 22, 2020

Some of the finest Marines I ever met were not native born US citizens. It must have been doubly hard to leave your country and join just a demanding institution as the USMC. Thank you twice for your service! And then, and now, Welcome Aboard! Mabuhay Pinoy!

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