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My Use of Grit's Products

My Use of Grit’s Products


Removeable sunscreen and tag Flag and seal sunscreen,tag frame,ribbons Flag and seal sunscreen,tag frame,ribbons and trailer hitch brake light


Here are a few pics of my use of Grit’s products, and these are just of my SUV. I’ve also bought many books,clothing articles and covers. And they are all of the highest quality with the best customer support that anyone could ask for.

And the best thing about Grit’s products is that they identify me as an old Marine who is still proud of his time in the Corps, and this has allowed me to meet many other old Marines because they always come up to me and ask, “Where did you get that?”. That starts off the conversation, then it’s when were you in, where were you stationed, what was your MOS. Usually these people I meet because of Grit’s products are complete strangers to me until I find out they are also old Marines, then it’s like I’ve found a long,lost brother. Which is what we are, the Brotherhood of the Corps.

Semper Fidelis,
Chris Spencer
USMC 1972-76

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