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Never Quit, Never Give Up Attitude

Never Quit, Never Give Up Attitude Admin |

Here is how I used one of your coins. Most tombstones (called Memorial Stones today) tell you little or nothing about the person. I wanted anyone doing genealogy on me or my family to know that I made three accomplishment in my life. When I die, people will know that I am currently still a Marine assigned to guarding the streets of Heaven. They will know that I was a Chiropractor. And I was pilot.

The paint may fade with time, but the image of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor should last as long as the stone.

If it was not for the "Never Quit, Never Give-up" attitude that I learned while I was on active duty in the Marines, I doubt if I could have completed the 4-years of chiropractic college and I doubt if I could have become am instrument rated, commercial pilot. I am 73-years-old and I am currently fighting Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia that may eventually kill me, but I am giving this cancer one H-ll-Of-A Fight because the Marines taught us that there are no rules in a fight for your life.

Just one more use for coins.

God Bless the Marine Corps,

Jim Brower
Active duty 1961-1964, but still a Marine!​ 

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