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No Civvies Allowed On Base

No Civvies Allowed On Base

Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) Memphis where Sailors and Marines learned how to be aviation technicians was actually in Millington, Tennessee about twelve miles North of Memphis.

Attached is my graduating class picture posed in front of the school's jet trainer. All the Marines in the picture got orders to Kaneohe Bay MCAS, early in 1961. Anyway, Gunny Bednarz brought back some memories in the last newsletter regarding Cinderella liberty during the week and weekend liberty when you didn't have the duty. No civvies allowed on base but you could rent a locker in downtown Memphis conveniently located at the bus stop from Millington to keep your civvies off base. Rumor has it that the commanding Admiral owned the lockers and that was the reason for the no civvies order on base. The best place to go in Memphis on liberty was the USO club.

Norm Spilleth
Cpl. 1960-1964 

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