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Oh, Karma

OH, Karma… she’s a real beyitch… Got well deserved lumps all over me about my foxtrot uniform charlie kilo – uniform papa over the Kamikaze genesis… hope that doesn’t make me a libural… (that part about not knowing that the things you know are the ones that just aren’t so…) Have been described as often wrong, never in doubt… and knew I should have checked… will have to get a volunteer, preferably somebody who owes me a lot of money, to count my corrective pushups…

I had an excellent large format book of all of the great naval battles of recorded history… illustrated, documented, sourced, etc… given to me, so I gave it to a young neighbor, who is currently in his third year at Annapolis. When he was accepted, his letter of acceptance happened to arrive on an election day. His Dad passed the word when he came in to vote (I volunteer as a poll worker…). Here in TN, one signs an application for a ballot, which is given to the machine operator, who enables the electronic machine, etc. The lad himself came in later, to vote for his first time, and from my post, I could see that he signed with his left hand. He just happened to get my machine… and as I congratulated him on his selection to the Naval Academy, I told him it was a real shame that he would not be able to go Marine option… since he’s been looking at our flag pole for about ten years, he kinda has the idea that the coot across the street is a Marine… and he looked a little puzzled… even after I told him it was because we didn’t accept left-handed applicants… so, my excuse is, had I not given the book away… I coulda checked, so some slack is deserved? (yeah, I know… Goo whatever… ’round here, a Goo-Goo (candy) is a diabetic coma wrapped in plastic…).

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