Oklahoma Marine Mom’s Gathering

Oklahoma Marine Mom’s Gathering

If you are a Marine Mom in Oklahoma and would like to join up with these other Marine Mom’s please contact Debbie: debbie_hackworth@hotmail.com. OK Marine Moms meets quarterly to send care packages and cards to our deployed Marines.

Marine Mom’s and Sgt. Grit

Marine Mom’s and Sgt. Grit Again

Cindy Johnson and Sgt. Grit

Debbie and Sgt. Grit

Debbie Hackworth, Susan Proto and Sgt. Grit

Gail Norman, Teresa Walker and Sgt. Grit

Sharon Anderson and Sgt. Grit

Teresa Smalts, Sherry Hatherley and Sgt. Grit

Teresa Smalts and Sgt. Grit

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