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Old Glory

Old Glory

A few years ago I worked at a company that made carpets for automobiles. I worked evening shift in the Engineering Center programming a robot that cuts samples for different automobile manufacturers. Continue reading
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Mark Smallwood - June 29, 2020

Semper Fi Marines, Happy 241st Birthday. OOH RAH! Cpl. Mark Smallwood US MC 2003-2007

Robert H. Bliss - June 29, 2020

I always wanted to do that when I worked at Westenhouse (TV). My foreman was a retired Army Cpt., who always seem to be watching over me (maybe it was the PTSD). Man! I can see his face now—“beet red”. Thank you brother….Semper Fi

Mike Smith - June 29, 2020

Well done “Red Patch” Semper FI; Cpl Mike Smith Eng Plt, H&S Co 3rd Shore Party Bn. Nam 69/73

Wes Logan - June 29, 2020

SEMPER FI, DEVIL DOGs ! — Sgt. Kabar

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