Old Salts Needed to Identify

Old Salts Needed to Identify

Semper Fi and hello to fellow Marines! I am in need of some of the older salts to help me identify a badge I got along with the rest of my uncle's belongings when he passed. He went into th Corps in 1960 and got out in 1970, so this must be from his early years. What it looks like to me is a pistol marksman badge, I’m thinking that sometime between 1960 and 1970~ the Marine Corps changed the pistol marksman badge to its current appearance. I can’t prove this yet but this is my speculation. If one of you ol’e salts out there who might have earned this badge or knew someone who did can tell me what it is I would appreciate it. Thanks for all your help.
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  • Cpl. Tom

    Yeah, I enlisted in 1961 and this was not an issue item

  • Bill 0331

    A quick search indicates that this is a “Basic Marksmanship Badge” and supposedly discontinued in 1958. Additional clasps could be added with the type of weapon he qualified with unless it was his basic issued rifle but, that is just a guess

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