One Marine Killed at School of Infantry, Another in Custody

One Marine Killed at School of Infantry, Another in Custody

One Marine was killed and another taken into custody after a fight broke out at Camp Pendleton’s School of Infantry on Tuesday, according to a Marine official.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the Marine was fatally stabbed.

“An NCIS [Naval Criminal Investigative Service] investigation has been opened, and is currently ongoing,” Marine Capt. Joshua Pena, a spokesman for the Corps’ Virginia-based Training and Education Command, told Marine Corps Times Tuesday.

Private First Class Ethan A. Barclay-Weberpal, assigned to Lima Company, Headquarters and Services Battalion at SOI-West, was killed in the incident, Pena said. He was 18-years-old and had just entered the Corps in July.

Pena said the incident occurred “aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, at the School of Infantry West.”

Pena declined to offer any other information.

“The name of the Marine in confinement, also assigned to the same unit, will not be released at this time,” Pena said.

This story was first reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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  • MoM

    UPDATE: per a reliable source – THEY WERE NOT FIGHTING – the boys/Marines were the best of friends and almost inseparable – they were rough-housing and the switchblade button got pushed in the process…most unfortunate. Both families are grieving over this devastating event…both have lost their son.

  • Bill Fortune

    Well I bet the Public Information people had their hands full. I was at 1st Mar Div ISO (1962-63?) when we had just been issued the M-14 and we had a guy walking guard at the Division Motor Pool. He had a buddy come back from Liberty drunk and was screwing around as he was walking his post. Somehow he shot his drunk buddy and killed him. What a mess. The media just about messed their pants with excitement. I do remember hearing the LA Times reporter arguing with his editor. We had opened all the information and did not cover up a thing and his editor thought there was more of a story. But they got everything we knew and had a hard time skewing it to fit an agenda. Oh, the irony was that the guy who was killed last name was named “Crapps” so you know some wise guy immediately put out a memo titled “No more shooting Craps in the Motor Pool.” Sick USMC humor.

  • Barney Espinoza MSgt USMC ret

    I was in In Boot Camp San Diego in June of 1959, ITR for about 4 weeks, Camp Pendleton, before we got our first leave for 15 days. After that, it was about another 6 weeks of Advance Infantry Training, again at Camp Pendleton before we were assigned to either schools or regular units. My point is that at that time it was harsh treatment by DIs, and all instructors involved. For the last decade or two, I’ve heard of much easier Boot Camps, and training at Pendleton when it involves stress and pressure, even involving cards which a Recruit can use to let the DI know to ease-up on the stress level -Ha! What a joke that is if its true. Will our combat troops now be issued cards to inform the enemy know we need a break? I served two tours in Vietnam, 65/66 over 13 mos., and again 69/70 for 12 months.Forget decent billeting, decent food, air condition or flushing toilets. We worked 24/7. During my first tour in 65 we didn’t have clothes or boots to cope with the Monsoon rains, and the extremely high temperatures. We survived because of our discipline instilled in our training. it was obvious to me that all that harsh, and even the hazing was what made the difference from the other services. I never heard of Marine killing their fellow Marines in a Barracks fight or other crimes as we now hear more often. I think Boot Camp is not as much of a screening course as it used to me. PC and easing-up is not working.

  • “PD” Predaina

    I was at Pendleton 80-81 and there was a Sargent in the company next to the motor pool who was stabbed to death in his quarters by a couple of irate Marines. These people do not deserve the title Marine.

  • Greg

    I picked up the diagnosis right after my second kid was born. Harvoni cured me. Hope it can do the same for you brother. Remember, eat well, exercise, and NO Alcohol. God Bless.

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