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Only Difference

I was an early Vietnam Marine (’65-’65). I was a Combat Engineer and worked out of Carmon Bay. To this day I have disagreements with people about Navy Corpsman.

Here is the way I explain it and when they hear this they say no more. The only difference between a Corpsman and a Marine is they wore Navy Rank on a Marine uniform. As far as Marines went they were part of us. They deserve all the honor that goes to the Marines. They fought alongside of Marines, they died with Marines. They are, as far as I am concerned, Marines.

Cpl. E. Morris
11th Engineers TAD

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Sgt. Vern Bendsen - March 30, 2020

“We are the Few and the Proud”. Without our Corpsmen, we would be a lot fewer. I aught to know. I was in Korea from October 1950 to March 1952. My unit is the only unit that I know of the received the Army Unit Citation for action during the winter of 1950.

1st Lt Edward Dodd - March 30, 2020

God created Corpsmen so that Marines would have someone to look up to.

Gysgt Von Capps, USMC Retired - March 30, 2020

There would be alot of dead Marines if it wasn’t for the Corpsmen. They start out Navy but after Corpsmen school they train in Marine Corps tactics to live and fight with their Marines. They are Marines!

Captain Al Barr - March 30, 2020

The Devil Docs stopped the bleeding, kept the air flowing and treated the shock for me twice in I Corps 67-68

Al Karg, SSgt 67-71 - March 30, 2020

I have always said the quickest way to start a brawl was to screw with a Marine’s Corpman. Corpmen are special people, especially to Marines. God bless them all.

LCpl Ridenour - March 30, 2020

There was a Corpsman named Doc Deneza at 2/1 in 1970 that everyone admired, sure hope he is still with us and enjoyed a good life!

Stone LCpl 2034*** ’65-’69. One each - March 30, 2020

Where the f*ck is Carmon Bay and Camp Lagune

Geoff Smith - March 30, 2020

Right On. Marines ’67-’70 Chu Lai ’68-’69

Freddy L Bell - March 30, 2020

Hell yes they are MARINES ! They saved my life after losing my right are / foot in Aug.1965 E 2/9 .

Al H. Johnston - March 30, 2020

In reply to Sgt. Vern Bendsen.
The Navy Corps knew their job and did it well. We considered them part of our platoon. The 4th Marine Regiment received the Army Unit Citation for the defense of Corregidor during WW II. I wasn’t there but I served in the 4th Regiment in 1961-63.

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