Only Woman You Can Trust

Only Woman You Can Trust

I was a member of Series 3100 (honor platoon), graduating 10 November 1966. Senior DI Panach(?) during each night’s “free time” repeatedly told us that the only woman we should write letters to was our mother. One night after mail call, he call the entire platoon to attention, then told us to open that letter we just received from our girlfriends, “Rosie Rotten…..” and look up at the upper right corner of the letter. He said to call out every letter that had been written on a Friday or Saturday night. Not one called out. He then concluded the lesson by explaining that Rosie didn’t write on a weekend because she was out bangin’ some draft dodging Joe College (of course there are an few more descriptive terms). BUT your mother wrote regardless of what day of the week it was. “She was the only woman you can trust”.
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  • Jimmy g Stewart, alias Tobbi

    I was in platoon 3100,fond memories indeed,remember the hog board?

  • Byron Daily USMC 1966-1968

    Best advice as told to me by my Dad, a 1930’s sailor. 1. Be wife/girlfriend free, if you needed one, the Corps will issue you one to sleep with instead of your rifle. 2. When stationed overseas(see item 1), use a condom. When stateside and dating Marilyn the minister’s daughter from Iowa, use 2 condoms! Marilyn doesn’t know proper care and periodic maintenance. Your time in the Corps should be the best years of your life (retrospectively). Don’t allow Susie Sweathog muck it up for you. That advice worked great for me as I saw many crushed, by domestic enemy, not the NVA. West Pac 1967-68, RVN, Japan, the Rock, Bangkok Lima 3/9, retired and living in the Philippines and loving it.

  • Larry usmc 1977-1982

    Outstanding! There has never been any better advice ever given.

  • Bob Sauter, USMC, Capt. 1972-1975

    I got my DJ MARS call just over half way through my overseas tour (14 months – missed my Tiger airlines flight home, too drunk to get to the tarmac on time, 5 minutes late, but that is another story!). During the call she said she felt we should we able to date other people. That is ALL I remember from that call; and my immediate thought who in the HELL am I to date; my Gunny! Man was I pissed. I returned home and shortly thereafter was recruited out of the Corps by a “OGA”, spent 28 years with them, retired, and did another 10 years on contract back to another “OGA”.

  • WR Nicoll (Nick)

    Got my Dear John sometime in 1956. Stationed at Middle Camp Fuji. Had worn her class ring on my little finger. Hocked it and bought a couple rounds of beer for my Buddies.. Every one but one Marine in my LMG platoon got a DJ.

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