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By: James M.

I read the letter regarding Valdes and was inspired. I never joined the Marines but have always held them in high regard as well as my own branch. I was drafted when I got to Iceland. I was there 4 days and at the NCO club got in a fight with a couple of Marines. I will not say who won, however two days later I was called to the office of Admiral Beking. He advised me that the Ground Defense Forces had only about 20% of the man power due to Vietnam, and since I was or appeared to be in great shape (Six feet four inches 225 pounds no fat) he was reassigning me to Ground Defense Forces. I questioned his authority and said if I was not reporting to the Gunny Sergeant in charge at 0800. He said at 0801 I would be in jail. I reported at 0759. I was taken to a building and issued winter white 787 gear, and a M1 and some other things I do not remember. The Sgt who was to help me in the unit began explaining the M1 and 1911 to me and the first thing I did trying to use the M1 weapon is cut my thumb real bad. I never fired a weapon so much in all my military days. Three sometimes four times a week from all positions. I never tasted my own blood so often after Pt and I am certain to this day they were actually trying to kill me. I thought the reassignment to 3rd Rifle Platoon, Company B, 6th Marines, a detachment since the main Battalion had moved to Japan was temporary, until I looked at my orders closely and it said permanent. I ended up serving 18 months. I only saw the interceptors of the 57th from a distance. I was a Sergeant and I had a few perks, a refrigerator and a little respect. When I left Iceland and went to a missile squadron I must admit I was a little sad since I had learned such great respect for the Marines. Three of my sons asked me which branch to join i told them to join the Marine Corps. I just came back from Camp Pendleton and the promotion ceremony for my Granddaughter.

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Semper Fi,Brother

Richard Seigle,

Outstanding .


Semper Fi Marine!

Michelle H.,

Semper Fi Brother

James M.,

Thank you Marine.

James M.,

Well you can rest assured that you qualify to hear Semper Fi Brother

Cpl. Jarboe,

Well you can rest assured that you qualify to hear Semper Fi Brother

Cpl. Jarboe,

Good story.

Sgt. Wolf,

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