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By: Sergeant Aaron M. Gilbert

Through all the fires,
Through all the pain,
The Marines stand tall,
To fight once again.

Always on call,
The Presidents own.
Always fighting,
To protect our home.

My life for our freedom,
My freedom to you,
These are gifts that we give,
For the Red White and Blue.

We die for you,
We die for them,
We do not complain,
About where or when.

For this is our job,
To fight around the world
And give the gift of our freedom
To every boy and every girl.

And yes peaceful solutions,
Can not always be found,
To free a trapped people,
From the terror around.

So we fought in this war,
With resolve in our hearts,
To help Iraq’s people
Have a new and free start.

So speak of your “Peace,”
And how war is so wrong,
But shut your face when we’re called
To give out the freedom we’ve won.

For you did not fight,
And you did not bleed.
And you did not die,
For the American dream.

May 3rd, 2003
Sergeant Aaron M. Gilbert
United States Marine Corps
Operation Iraqi Freedom
©2003 Aaron M. Gilbert

I, Aaron M. Gilbert, authorize others to make copies and distribute these works freely, and that no money can be made from the sale or distribution of these works without the Author’s expressed written consent.

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