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Sgt Grit

Our Ministry with Motorcycles is called Peacemakers. Our title comes from Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God.
Our church is New Wine Church in Fullerton.
Enclosed is a pic of our patch.
When I saw the sticker on your on line catalog, I had to have a few.
We would be honored if you could "Bless" us with a few more.
My email address is sargenlinda [at] sbcglobal . net. All my shipping
info is there, as the wife and I are frequent shoppers at your on line store.

Also enclosed are a couple of cake pics one from the 233rd birthday and the 234th birthday.
I have the honor and privelege of putting the display together, and ordering the cake.
We have 4 Marines, a couple Sailors, one or two Soldiers, and one or two Wing Nuts at work among the 50 or so employees.
We are still waiting for them to step up to the plate for their respective birthdays.
Many have never seen a place set for those that wont return because of their POW/MIA status.
I was honored to do that for them, and to explain what that was all about.

Semper FI
Carson J.Gibson
Former Active Sgt

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