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Peleliu Island

Peleliu Island

Dear Sgt. Grit,

My stepson Graduated from MCRD San Diego in May of this year, and from S.O.I. last month. He is now in VA training for FAST.

Returning to San Diego brought back a lot of memories for me since the last time I was there, I WAS THERE! I can’t even describe how I felt when they called for anyone who had served in the Marines to stand and everyone clapped. I felt honored just to be standing among them and to be counted as one of them.

Recently, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary at a music festival. She made a trip out to car for a jacket and came back with a piece of paper in her hand. On one side, there was printed instructions and rules for use of the parking lot during the festival, no alchohol, no overnight parking, etc. On the other side was a handwritten note. It said, “Thank you and your son for your service, from another Marine mom.”

Obviously, we have no idea who left the note but I just wanted to share it with you and your readers and the MOM who wrote it is one of your readers, Thank You!

I’m also including a picture that I took when I was in Echo 2/3. The ship in the background is the USS Peleliu taken from Peleliu Island.

Kevin P. Walsh (0311)

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