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Precision Bombing

Precision Bombing

Now this is Precision Bombing: CAS Fallujah

This is an F16 doing CAS [Close Air Support] during the recent fighting in Fallujah.

As you know we have been bombing insurgent “safe houses” with some sucess recently.

This F16 was on such a mission, to hit a house with an LGB [lazier guided bomb], when 30 insurgents left the building en masse to hurry to a nearby engagement with US Marines which had been going on for hours. The pilot communicates with a FAC [forward air controller] either in the air or on the ground, and changes the flight path of the bomb while it is in the air. You can clearly see the “L” flashing in the MFD [multiple function display], and “TGP” [target] is selected.

I’m assuming that the bomb itself is probably a 500 pounder, as Mk84’s would be overkill in an urban setting where the ROE [Rules of Engagement] calls for minimal “collateral damage.”

Has sound.

Bill ( Technical Services, Boeing – Commercial Aviation Services)

P.S. Allah had to come up with 2,160 virgins on this pass!

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