PROJECT DAI LOC A group of 7th Marine Viet Nam vets continues to make history…this time, some 35 years after the war, with a humanitarian effort to build a health clinic in the village known so well to those who served in the Danang area.

TEAM 7 will consist of twenty 7th Marine vets who will travel to Dai Loc, Viet Nam and spend about three weeks building the clinic and also hosting a MEDCAP for the villagers. They will work hand-in-hand with a Vietnamese construction team, and when TEAM 7 returns home the clinic will be staffed and run by the Vietnamese government.

Vets with a Mission (VWAM) will provide the necessary support and guidance to TEAM 7 and will conduct all necessary negotiations with the Vietnamese government. VWAM has built 25 clinics in Viet Nam since 1989 and they are all still in operation, greatly improving the health care of the very people the 7th Marines fought so hard to defend in the 60’s.

Project Dai Loc is looking for 7th Marine vets who are interested in becoming TEAM 7 members, and also for those who cannot make the trip, but wish to be supporters of this worthwhile mission.

Project details can be found in several places:

On the “whats new” section of , which is the definative source for the history of the Magnificent 7th in Viet Nam. is Vets with a Mission’s site, and it is full of historical info and loads of pictures. Finally, check out the Project Dai Loc website but be patient as it is still under construction. Interested supporters will be able to follow the progress of TEAM 7 on this site…right through mission completion.

The Dai Loc Health Station will be a permanent memorial to all who served with the Magnificent 7th Marines in Viet Nam. Who would have thought that 35 years later we would still be working as a team?

Gung Ho and Semper Fi!

Submitted by Steve Scott
26073 Ancuda Dr
Punta Gorda, FL 33983
H and S TACP 2/7 66-67
Nov 11, 2003

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