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Proud Marine Mom of Cpl Clemens

Proud Marine Mom of Cpl Clemens

The picture enclosed is of my oldest son,Corporel Justin A.Clemens, who is currently stationed in 29 Palms, CA. his mos is NBC!! He did serve 2yrs in Okinawa,Japan and 6mths in Iraq and I am very proud of him and his fellow marines for their services!! He recently came home,which is San Antonio,Texas,in July and got married to the female in the picture,who I dearly admire,also!! The picture was taken at a Marine Ball last month,in November.There was a ceremony preceeding the ball,and my son happened to be in the Color Guard for it that night,I am so very proud of him and just wanted to let you see what a fine Marine is has become!!

A Very Proud Marine Mom

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