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Rifle Inspection Admin |

By: Robert Coleman

During rifle inspection, which included grilling of the recruits about general orders, command chain, etc. The Lt and Gunny came before Pvt Renfro: “Pvt! What is your first general order! Reply, I don’t know sir: Pvt who is the Commandant of the Marine Corps? Don’t know sir! Pvt what is your 3rd general order? Don’t know sir! Pvt! Do you know anything?! Yes sir! Well Pvt what do you know? (pause)…Don’t know sir! At which point, the Lt (mustang from Univ of Tenn) threw Pvt Renfro’s M-14 50 yards in the air and into a muddy puddle. It took everything the DI’s had to keep us from laughing. Pvt Renfro, “was counseled” later in the barracks.

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