Scariest Days

While sitting in group the other day someone ask this question. “What were your most scariest days in the service?” After spending 13 months as a gunner in an infantry unit you would think that i would have instantly thought of a day in Nam. I did have some bad days over there but, one thought that came to mind was my first day or two at P.I. I was totally “Scared Sh$%less” I could not take a crap for at least 3 days! I am curious on any other thoughts of your “Scariest Days” in the Corps. Keep in mind that I sit in group with a lot of Army guys and, when I responded it got a lot chuckles. They had no idea what I meant. Anyone else have a similar experience or, was it just me? Bill 0331
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  • Reinhold Woykowski

    I too seen something like this and wow, when the MP’s came and took this one guy away, they grabbed him, tied his hands and feet, and put him in the back of a MP truck and they were not gentle (if you know what I mean). I just said to myself, don’t mess with the DI on PI

  • Sgt James White 72 – 76

    I have laughed so hard with all these stories my wife probably thinks I’m crazy but if I tell here what I’m laughing about she wouldn’t under stand. First 3 weeks thought I would die wondering what I got myself into and the thought of what my dad (Navy WW2 vet) had said (boy you have messed up now). I will never forget the first morning wake up never been woke up like that again.

  • Jesse Griffin VSM CAR CIB

    I fainted from low blood sugar while waiting to be given our initial issue. Very embarrassing. Three days later I peed my rack. Couldn’t wake up to go. Equally embarrassing and smelly. Somehow or another I became a Marine despite all that.

  • Harry

    That’s a good one! Made me laugh out loud! Thanx! Harry 1371

  • Bill

    Hey Kurt, You make a good point. Looking back on those first days of bootcamp makes everything else seem not so bad. Bill 0331

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