Scrap Lumber & Vodka

Scrap Lumber & Vodka

Had a few drinks in the back yard this past Sunday. I was staring at a stack of boards behind the shack and had an idea for some folk art to embellish my tool shed. The metal USMC seal was purchased several years ago from and adorned the front of the shed for years. This started out as a standard American Flag, but spacing the 50 stars was just too difficult after happy hour. A little bit of white spray paint and voila! I really like that it irritates my Air Force neighbor. It’s approximately 8′ x 5′ and be seen from far below the hill my house sets on. Semper Fi!
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  • Colleen Endicott

    It looks great!

  • MadDog 1969

    Love it! Semper Fi.

  • jerry powers

    i ve got a usa flag from franklin gramen that says pray. thats for pray for amaeica. decision america 50 states going to have pray in those states coming back to god. have two small yellow buildings like that one. may god bless our country usa. united states of america.usmc 72-73 retired 17=7=73 honorable. spent time in a lot of places. have a lot to remember. thank marines for still helping me and my family, sadie is 4 now, emma is 13. god bless the marines. proud to have served.

  • Mike “Headcold’ Felch

    If anyone fly’s over my house in San Pedro, Calif. you’ll see “USMC” on the roof…

  • keith thompson

    Nice work Devil!

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