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Sgt McDowell’s motorhome

Sgt McDowell’s motorhome

Fritz's Motorhome - Closeup of backFritz's Motorhome - BackFritz's Motorhome - Closeup of Bulldog GraphicI can’t begin to express thanks to Sgt Grit and the staff for what you bring to old and young marines alike. This forum is just the tool for some old vets to appreciate what so many Americans are saying today about the men and women who have gone forward to prior wars and conflicts. I’ve lived with this for the pass 38 years, since returning home from Viet Nam. I always believed what I had to do was right and I still do today. No military person should hang their heads about what happened there. They were there and did their duty as ordered by our government. The politicans of this country should hang their heads in shame forever. They say we are marines forever, yes I honestly believe this. If I have to, I will go down fighting with the cold steel in my hands and do so honorably. Hard cold fact, Marines are trained killers and very good at it, just ask the enemies of prior wars. BUT, there are times when they show compassion beyond their years. The Marine Corp gave me a re-birth from a smart aleck kid, to a viable product for employment in this country. My pride in the Corps is greater today than at anytime in the past. My wife and I were able to retire at younger ages and purchase a motorhome. I just finished putting a large mural on the back of the coach. Anyone who sees me and little woman on the road, honk, the first beer is on me. We plan on seeing all we can of this great country in our years of retirement.

Fritz McDowell (Sgt)

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