Stolen Valor

By: Harry

Most of you have probably read or, have seen the latest story of stolen valor It is one of the most pathetic and perverted story I have seen in quite a while.If you have not I will sum it up for you. A former Marine and Iraq war vet is facing up to 21 years in prison for using the story of another vet who lost both legs in a humvee explosion and, later took his on life. In short he claimed to have a TBI and not only received va benefits but was also given a home from some charity.How does this happen ? What other perks did he receive in the past? He was outed by another Marine that did witness the incident.He has to have forged records ,not just an embellished story. This story is bothering me more,and really has me ticked because, we have been writing the past few days and trying to help a Brother that is not only fighting cancer but fighting the va to get one stupid rule changed and this no good s o b collects disability and gets health care and a new freakn’ house from fake injury!!! The system is more than just broken it is FUBAR!! It just boggles my mind and I am angry today and that is not good since I have failed all of my anger management classes !!! That’s just a joke to lighten the mood a little. I am still foxtrotn’ mad!!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!

Sgt Grit wants to hear from you! Leave your comments below or submit your own story!


  • Conner, Joseph USMC E7

    I was in uniform for 8yrs I have pdsd they say from what was asked of me I have not asked for anything from the V.A. or others and this person take a falling brother I.D. too get things that he should not, what part of the corps was he in? He needs to put somewhere so he can see what true warriors are

  • Gene Spanos

    This has been going on for years.Case in point is the Marine Corps League and the detachment # 80 based here in Illinois. An aux member was allowed and still is to wear the insignia, blood stripe while claiming to be Marine veteran.The powers that be at national did not want a story like this to leak out Yet again those in leadership positions within the same detachment attempted to attack me.Finally after a year and the threat of having their charter suspended…..they came forward. /gs. Sgt. Grit needs to share this BS as well. Cut the crap !

  • Dan

    Unfortunately there are Marines that have no integrity. When I joined I thought all Marines were a cut above the rest. Naïve? I guess but I totally trusted what the Corps preached about who they were. However through the years I have seen with my own eyes and read enough stories about Marines killing each other, robbing each other, Our leadership allowing Marines to drink poisoned water for decades & knowing about it. Marines cheating with other Marines wives or just on their own wives. Marines that are pedophiles & rapists. Sometimes the pride I once had in being a Marine & was taught to me in boot camp gets very dim. My opinion DI’s should be allowed to drop recruits easier. A dirty little secret is DI’s have to allow many recruits to graduate that they know should not. In fact why not allow recruits to drop on request like all elite units and OCS does? Raise the standards to graduate. Way to many s-birds have infiltrated for way to long & allowed to claim the title. Also it needs to be clear that the “Once a Marine Always a Marine” title that the Commandant made clear belongs to anyone that passed boot camp or OCS DOES NOT belong to anyone that tarnishes the Corps reputation. S/Fi

  • Harry

    I need to make a correction to my post.I know it is not correct to refer to a former Marine as EX- Marine but,in this case it fits. This guy is an EX Marine and deserves prison time, and I hope dishonorable much for Semper -Fi Still Angry!! Harry

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