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Struck A Cord Deep Down

Struck A Cord Deep Down Admin |

The attached was sent to me on Facebook. I re-did it so it would look nice and I have it hanging in a frame. Don’t know who sent it, I’m sure something can be done with it. When I read it, it kinda struck a cord deep down.

I was in the Corps as a Reservist during the Viet Nam War. I was assigned to H&S Company, 4th MP Battalion, 4th Marine Division. I know there are no MP Battalions in the corps today, they’re Law Enforcement units.

Semper Fi!

Glenn Bellot


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


I did not see combat, but I can relate to everything else yo have said. Semper Fi!

William L. Kuhn (Cpl),

13 AUG 2016 Thanks Marine Glenn Bellot for sharing STRUCK A CORD DEEP DOWN . Grad from Parris Island 14 AUG 1972 1st Bn PLT 154

T Montana,

It touched me!!!! January 1959_ January 1963. October 1959_ October 1965. Parris Island, Platoon 305. “A”Co. 3rd Amtrac, “B”Co 2nd Amtrac, Marine Barracks, Morocco.

William P. Kerr,

48 years ago I spent one of the longest nights of my life. It was my first night as a “Scumbag” at M.C.R.D. San Diego, CA It seems as if it were 100 years but really only half that long ago. “Struck a Cord Deep Down” is a Story all Marines can relate to..But as you get older, it means even more..There is nothing better than being a U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veteran at only 20 years old. Hell I had to wait a year to be old enough to vote.t couldn’t buy a drink But The Corps knew who the Hell I was and by God if another Marine was in the area we found that drink. It’s still that way today. It doesn’t matter when you became a Brother in the Honorable Brotherhood of U.S. Marines I can still talk to one and without saying a word about the Corps I know a Marine by the time he has spoken his second sentence to me or I over heard him talking to someone else. It is a True Fact that Once a Marine, Always a Marine. Always a pleasure to meet a Marine any where any time. One of the best parts of a Marine’s life is you will always have Brother Marines any where you go in your life. There is always a few around. So thanks for sharing this good story it did my heart good. Semper Fidelis “Devil Dogs” Remember who Guards the Streets of Heaven, It’s always good to know we all have that job waiting us when the time comes.

Corporal D.D.Johnston 3rd Bn.26th Marines,blt 9th MAB (REIN) I Corps 1969 -70 RVN,


Skip Harrison U S M C. 1969. – 1972.,

Marine Corps 1966 to 1970 – Viet Nam ( Danang – Tet ’68) I plan to share a card stock print with my Marine Corps League brothers in Loveland, Colorado.

Robin Morgan,

I really like this article, was in the Corps from 68-82. Two tour’s in Vietnam, would do it again. Semper Fi.

Richard Lynch,

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