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Thank You Drill Instructors

Dear Sgt. Grit, I’ve been reading your newsletters for a while now. Some letters bring tears and some bring great joy and pride. My son went thru bootcamp back in October of 2006. Two weeks into it, he wondered what the heck he did, but by week 4, things started to settle in as to what was expected from him. I think EVERY kid in America should go thru the Marines bootcamp. I think our society would be way better as a result. I am darn proud of my son’s drill instructors. If it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. They do more for our sons and daughters then we will ever know. I wrote them a poem and sent it to my son’s SDI upon my son’s graduation from Echo Co. Plt 2026 to let him and his team know how GREATLY THEY ARE APPRECIATED!

Thank You Drill Instructors

Thank you Drill Instructors
For taking our sons
Thru the man factory!

For taking these boys
And making them men
For making a difference
As you invest your lives into them.

You are honored and respected
By the parents of these guys
Teach them honor, courage, commitment
To say “we” and not “I”.

Here’s to the Crucible
Marksmanship and drill
To lights, lights, lights
Hey, that Reaper’s no hill!

From receiving and forming
Incentive training and history
Swim week and inspections
And the EGA Ceremony.

Thanks for molding and shaping
These lumps of clay
Into one of the Few, the Proud, a MARINE
On graduation day!

So, here’s a huge THANK YOU!
May God truly lead
All the Drill Instructors

To ALL the Drill Instructors past, present and future….OORAH!

Semper Fi
Darn Proud Mom of LCpl Tyler
MP, 15th MEU

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