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The Difference Of The Uniforms

The Difference Of The Uniforms Admin |

Here are a couple pictures of a friend of mine’s father taken in 1948. He passed away on Easter Sunday April 23, 1986. His name was Richard Leroy Rankin Sr. After the war he went on to Graduate and married my friend’s mother. I know today he stands proud as he helps Guard the Gates of Heaven,

Richard L. Rankin Sr in Service Alphas in 1948

but it would be an awesome tribute to my friend Michelle and to him if you would find the space to post these two shots for her and some of the old timers that read these pages, and to show the difference of the uniforms of days gone by.

GySgt. Mac


“Marines die, that’s what we’re here for. But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means YOU live forever.” as stated by the mythical GySgt. Hartman, USMC. We should all remember that.

SSgt Gary Ray 1958-1968,

My mother’s maiden name was Rankin, and I went on to serve in Vietnam as a Marine. Semper Fi!

R.L. Carmody,

As a former Marine myself, I love to see the changes in uniforms ad the years progress. He’s wearing a barracks cover, which was a step above the old “piss cutter” most of us wore. Semper Fi, brother and I’ll be seeing you when it’s my time to report in.

Matt Fox, Corporal of Marines, 1984-1990.,

Semper Fidelis to a Marine who has served his Country well.

Robert W. Gonzales, Sgt of Marines (Ret),

GOD Bless your father, not only for his service to this great country, but his patience to raise 8 kids. That is a man.

Mark Eckley,

Thank you for featuring my father. He was a wonderful father to his eight children, A wonderful husband to my mother who has since joined him in Heaven. God Bless. Michelle J Rankin

Michelle J Rankin,

Truly this Marine is guarding the gates of heaven since his last orders were executed on Easter of 1986. The Marine Corps uniforms he is wearing on the top picture are called dress blues. This uniform is worn for special occasions like parades, recruiting duty, embassy duty and the Marine Corps ball where it is what the Marine Corps are known for around the world. The dress blues are what distinguishes Marines from other branches of the military. Civilians always know who is a Marine when Marines are wearing The Marine Corps blues. The second picture’s uniform is a class A uniform which every Marine calls his Alpha’s. This uniform is for checking in to your next duty station, inspections, or court martials or community get togethers. This uniform comes down to the discretion of the commanding officers. Farewell, following seas and Godspeed to you Marine.

SSGT Quinones,

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