The End Of Combat?!?

Yesterday was 29-March the date in 1973 “That the last combat troops left Vietnam.” Our local VFW was having an event to commemorate that day. My friend and I decided to go. We are not members of that post but, all veterans and the public were invited to attend. They had refreshments and music but,not much else. It was more of a meet and greet. We were listening to a guy that was talking to a group of young people and I heard him comment that the last casualty occurred in March 73′. My friend JJ looked over at me and shook his head as to say “let it go” but I couldn’t. I waited for an opening and ask if he knew how many names are listed on the WALL after 29- 73′? I told them “at least 83 maybe more.I ask if he knew about the S.S.Mayaguez He said he did but thought it happened in Korean water. I said “No it was actually Cambodian water.” 41 Americans were killed including 18 Marines and Corpsman (3 of the Marines were executed by the Cambodians) Ask the families of those killed or wounded after the so called “End of Combat”. What they think. His response was that more would have died if we would have stayed I agreed and, we left it at that. jj and I also left! NEVER FORGET!! SEMPER FI!!


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  • Harry

    In reply to GYSGT Danny Marso.
    Hey Gunny! The last 41 names on “The Wall” are from that day.(12-May-1975).Well stated comment Gunny Semper Fi Harry

  • Hammer

    Last two Marines killed were Charles McMahon and Darwin Judge. MSGs detailed to Tan Son Nhut airbase, killed in rocket attack 29 April 1975. Semper Fi

  • John T. Cotton

    There are still casualties from agent orange which was used in that war. What about the people that are suffering from the toils of war?

  • George and Celia Wagers

    For more information on the Mayaguez Incident, visit our web site, Kohtang/Mayaguez Home. We have reunions, and you can contact the vets that were there, and much more. Semper Fi Brothers.

  • bill brocker

    I was there when the big skedaddle took place. The last casualties occurred during the evacuation of the Embassy in Siagon . To this very day I don’t know how to react to people thanking me for my service . I remain conflicted about Vietnam and I still greive for our brothers who fell . This is the most I have ever said about my feelings on the war it just back to trying to change history ; cant be done. Semper Fi.

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