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The Grit Mobile

The Grit Mobile is a 1973 Porsche 914 Platform. It has two radiators in the front and a fan pulling air through and exiting out the fender wells. A SCCA fuel cell holds the fuel. It has Porsche suspension. It has a 383″ Chevrolet V-8 power hooked up to a Porsche trans axle. Air sis sent to the engine via two fluted boxes that have dry ice in them for extra power. Two fans in the engine bay exit the warm air out of the bay. The 5 speed trans axle has stepped up gears for high end speed. The engine by the way is in the middle, right behind the driver. 14″ wide tires on rear — 12″ on the front. The wheels and tires pictured are just for rolling. Centerline racing wheels and Yokohama tires are used to go fast.

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