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The old stuff box

The old stuff box

In the Sgt.Grit newsletter, of 7 May 2009, short piece by Paul Martell about the fouled anchor got me to looking in my stuff box from the Corps. Some of the things I remember, Dress Shoes were Ox Blood or Cordovan in color. No boots they were Boon Dockers just to the ankle, then canvas leggings that laced up in side, they were not polished. In my stuff box have one dark bronze hat device, not black. Have a bronze device that does not have the rope on the anchor,(pix.attached) for the Dress Blues. Also the last set of Dog Tags, P-38 can opener, a dark bronze tie bar, several awards, such as expert rifleman, sharpshooter pistol?the old 45 cal. Utilities was light green with a herringbone pattern And a few medals, nothing big just what everyone in that era had. Also the rank of Gunny Sgt. today was Technical Sgt. No Social Security Number, had Service Number. PISC boot camp we lived in tents ? can?t remember if five or six men per tent. SDI then was Sgt. John M Morse, JDI was Ralph L Lorenzo. I guess I can now call myself Old Corps ???

DEW 1950-1959

S/Sgt. 1181914

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