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The Other Half

“The Other Half”

I sit up at night, alone in my bed
Constant images run through my head
Happy times, sad timesthe memories are there
Happy tears, sad tearsthe tears that I fear.
I hold his sweatshirt, so close to my heart-
Breathe in; breathe outnot much, but a start.
I sleep with his picture in my bed at night
It’s the next best thing I have to hold tight.
The pillows lay sideways; I swear he’s there
They don’t squeeze back; this isn’t fair.
I toss and I turn, I sit up and lay down
I’m exhausted, I’m hurting, and I can’t sleep sound.
My eyes are swollenthey burn like hell
The makeup don’t workyou can still tell.
Finally asleep, still alone, but don’t know it
He’s in my dreamsI see him, I love it!
“He grabs my hand and turns me around,
We stop, we dancealthough there’s no sound.
He holds me close, and starts to sing
About love, about life, about everything
He lifts my chin and looks into my eyes,
He tells me he loves me, its no surprise.
He kisses my head, puts it to his heart
It’s then that I know, we’re not far apart.”
The alarm is sounding; wipe the sleep from my eyes
It’s another day gone, another sunrise.
I’ll continue my journey, until the very end
And wait for my lovemy very best friend.

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