Then Tell Me What You Have To Say

Somehow I got the feeling
That when I returned to the World
I should be ashamed.
I didn’t know why
But finally realized that I was being
blamed for the death and dying in
Viet Nam.
In war there is death.
How anyone who has not been in war
Knows what war is really doesn’t know.
If you think you know, you ought to go
And confirm that knowledge and insight.
Engage in a firefight.
Have someone shoot at you,
Be next to a man who is blown away.
Then, come back and tell me what you’ve learned.
Then tell me what you have to say.
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  • Richard Carlson

    You are so right there need to send all the snow flakes to war SEMPERFI 1- 9-3 Delta 68- 69

  • John Mason Echo 2/27. Delta 1/9j

    I came home proud of my time over there April 68 May 69. I don’t remember any one giving me any crap about being in Nam. Then again I was just too damn happy to be home and in one piece to notice! Semper Fi brothers.

  • Robert W. Gonzales

    Very few will ever know combat. Today no matter if your in a line company or a support convoy, the horrific experience of being blown to kingdom come is still the same. As a 3 Tour Marine Combat Grunt in Vietnam we experienced fierce battles, high KIA/WIA casualities, casualites from non-combat accidents, falling out of helicopters, trucks, etc. I’m 71 years old now. I encounter many individuals with uneducated comments about why we should not be sending forces overseas to fight in foreign countries. I also hear comments from young men today who state they won’t die for this Country. Well so far none of those cowards have moved to the middle east, China or Russia. Today many of my Marine Buddies who came home have passed away so that stupid people can enjoy freedom of speech. True they all need an ASS KICKING. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sgt of Marines, 100% Disabled Veteran SEMPER FIDELIS

  • Rodney Lindsey

    RVN 1968-69 Danang hill 200 gooks over ran our position firefight lasted 5 hrs/ awarded purple heart/Bronze star with combat V changed my life forever, captured enemy officer/I had a ahah moment/why were we trying to kill each other/what logical reason/ both of us scared shitless and wanted to live and go back home/I still have nightmares and flashbacks/I don’t sleep at night/however I am proud of my service in the United States Marine Corp/SEMPER FIDELIS and OOOHRAH.

  • Gunnery Sgt. Robert: Bravo Company

    The biggest problem was the politicians knew nothing about fighting a war. There are a lot of Whiners in every crowd.

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